Fresh Interior Design Tips for Homeowners in Columbia

Every season sees a slight shift in design trends, and striving to keep your home up with the times can be a challenge for even the most style-savvy homeowner. Let’s clue you in on what is all the rage right now by going over some fresh interior design tips for homeowners in Columbia.

Multifunctional Utility

At the top of our list of interior design tips for homeowners in Columbia is “multifunctional utility.”

The last couple of years have taught us that incorporating other elements of our lives into the home could sometimes be necessary. Taking that into consideration when organizing our living spaces can be helpful to assist if something were to go a little sideways. 

Therefore, pulling together a room design that allows for multiple functions—such as a living room/office or dining room/workshop—can ease transitioning if the need should arise. Rather than focusing your design choices on creating a room that will serve as one singular type of space, you may get more mileage from crafting multifunctional rooms.

Repurposing Remains Chic

Something that has been growing in popularity over the last decade or so has been the repurposing and salvaging of older building materials. This can mean purchasing an older fireplace mantle, claw-footed bathtub, or countertops that may have a bit of wear but can be refurbished and used instead of being tossed into a landfill. 

It could be well worth your time to contact your local dedicated salvagers and scrap yards to see if they have anything that could fit your needs. Getting many additional years of use out of salvaged and repurposed materials can add a lot of character to a room, save some money during the update process, and prevent these gems from being forgotten and wasting away.

Incorporate Nature

And here’s one of our interior design tips that is green, aesthetically pleasing, and eminently practical.

As a further extension of the effect on design the global pandemic has brought to the table is the rise of what is called biophilic design—the integration of the outdoors with the indoor living space. 

The biophilic design does mean more than throwing some houseplants here or there, but only tilting slightly in the biophilic direction can certainly be enough to meet your desires. This design trend focuses on things like a living wall, where a series of pots or planters and a pegboard or chain link fence then provide space for the greenery in the planters to grow vertically. Some owners will use their living walls as a small home garden area to harvest fresh herbs or vegetables, depending on their needs. Bringing the outdoors inside is one of the most classic interior design tips out there, but intentionally incorporating greenery is a modern twist on this trend.

The Usual Color Shift

One of the normal interior design tips you’ll get when prepping your home for the market is to paint over any existing colors with neutrals. Conveniently, neutral tones continue to be in line with current design trends. 

Warmer neutral tones help contrast the accent colors from your choices of plant life and other, more vibrant, decor. If neutrals aren’t your cup of tea, you can opt to use warm earth tones as an alternative. The greens and browns will complement any greenery but may lack the additional depth you would otherwise bring out by leaning more on the warm neutrals. If you want a splash of color, some new throw pillows or an area rug will do the trick without overwhelming potential buyers.

Take the time to explore your color options thoroughly before committing, and you’ll be set to enjoy the richness it brings to any room for years to come.

Interior Design Tips from Our Columbia Pros

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